I’m Finally Here and Ready!

This blog is going to help me become free. I have started this because, I have felt like I’ve been trapped in my own body for way to many years. Kind of like a baby is trapped in the womb until of course, it’s the right time for the baby to make an entry into the world. I am officially ready to enter the world, yes discreetly, but I’m ready. It will take baby steps for me to completely be born but I am determined to get there.
This is also about Freedom. The freedom to finally be me. The freedom to do what I want and say what I want. The freedom to tell the truth. The freedom to live my life. The freedom to do what I was born to do, the freedom to be me. But most of all the freedom of telling my story without fear.
I’ll begin with this, in my young age I have gone through a lot. Some people will never see the trials and tribulations that I have experienced in their entire existence! Therefore some people can never truly understand who I am because and why I am, it’s all because of the ups and downs that I am me today.
I’m sure some of my writings will be unbelievable and very shocking but know anything I write will be all true. My suggestion to you is, sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn and read all of this with a very open mind.
You are now officially a part of my life and you will become a part of mine. Leave me your comments and questions this way I can answer questions that you may have! Here’s to freedom and a new life with no barriers, hope your ready for me world because here I come!



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