My own story is gossip?

I know I had said I would tell you more about myself but there is a quick issue that I need to get off my chest.  Here it goes.

My whole life I knew I loved to write and tell a stories about myself.   From a young age I kept a daily dairy.  I would write letters when frustrated or happy and then literally burn them so no one knew what I had written.   There was a time (in my teen years)  I would call it self absorbed or selfish but these days, I like to say, at least I’m not gossiping about anyone else but myself.

Recently I was confronted by a relative about the content that I present to the world directly out of my mouth.  She said that I talk to much about others(I think she is referring to herself).  My analysis is that her fear of me telling the world about my dealings with her is making her uncomfortable.  This relative has been a very negative person in my life and let’s just say, she is not a fan of mine!  My response was, I only tell people what has happened to me, if I hadn’t happened I would have nothing to talk about.

The way I see is, I am telling my own story.  The characters change depending on my daily interactions.  Should I have a good interaction with Jane Doe, I will tell everyone how great the interaction was.  I would also tell the depth of the interaction because I like to talk and to make sure my audience understands my happiness and why I’m so content.  Now if that same Jane Doe and I had an ugly interaction I believe I will tell the story as well, but all the negatives attached to it.  If these ugly interactions were frequent with the same Jane Doe, of course I would tell everyone.  I tell everyone because the story is about me and Jane Doe plays a character in MY story.  Plus telling the story helps me heal and deal with the Jane Doe’s negativity.  At times it gives me a different perspective on how to deal with the negative Jane Doe and where she might coming from. 

I guess what I’m wondering out loud is, when you tell your story that involves multiple characters, is it gossiping about them.  My answer to myself is no.  I feel if I am going to be a character in anyone’s story, I would rather be a positive one not a negative one so my actions will indicate my intentions.  If I have done or said horrible things to someone they have every right to talk about it with whomever they please.  If I don’t want them to tell my story so it’s negative, I shouldn’t give them material to do so, correct?

My definition of gossiping is, talking about people who are not present during the discussions and never mentioning it to their face when they are present.  Talking about the people who are not there to defend or approve of anything that is said about them.  Gossip is your idea of what’s happening in one’s life without concrete facts or proof. 

So is it gossip when I am talking about my own interactions with people and including their names of what has transpired? 

Just to be clear, I don’t lie about the interactions but as they say, the truth hurts.

I’ll be waiting for your response… – Venya

By the way, THANK YOU WORD PRESS for giving me this platform to let it all out!  I’m very excited to be here 🙂 


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