Indian Saree

Wedding season has started and all I can think about is what to wear these days! My go to is the Indian saree.  Sarees, in my personal opinion, are the most elegant outfits in the entire universe.  A saree is worn by the women in Indian as normal everyday wear.  In some places in India, the saree is a uniform as well and I believe on some airlines.  They wear sarees to cook/clean/attend parties or just because there is nothing else to wear.  I on the other hand, wear sarees strictly  when I attend parties.  Living in the western world I don’t have enough opportunities to wear my favorite outfit.  *sigh*

What is a saree?

7032a0f7245a9356e96fd1afa02f01ba.jpgThis is a formal saree, there are much simpler ones for everyday wear.  You would wear this for an occasion not just around the house. I would like to rock it just because, but it doesn’t work in my lifestyle. *another sigh*

I find they are the most sensual, most sexiest outfit a woman can possibly wear.  In a saree your curves are hugged and outlined perfectly each and every time.  It has a sense of mystery to it and keeps the onlookers curious as to how you would look should the sari slip or slide just a bit.😉  You have the option to wear them as conservative as you like or as sexy as you like.  It’s up to you how you want to rock it.   When worn right there is no other outfit in comparison, again that’s my opinion. 

Designersareez-Women-Partywear-Sari_d93c6dffb9e53344b44cd20ce6f74d44_images.jpgThis style is one of my favorites, not too much embroidery and not too little.  Just enough to dress it up or dress it down.

Sarees come in a variety of silk, chiffon’s, Georgette, cottons, and other materials.  You can pick you style of saree paired with the right material and will look like a maharani (queen)  The intensity of colors you find for sarees is amazing and endless!!  You can find a saree in ANY color you want and any type of embroidery, now that’s customizing your wardrobe! 

When I wear a saree, I feel incredibly sexy.  I even carry myself differently, my head a little higher, walking with more swag and just feeling of the material draped around the right parts of my body (closing my eyes and imagining it, u do it to).  I am known to rock sarees at non-Indian events as well.  So many non Indians want to get a picture with me solely because I’m wearing a saree! Can you say rock star?!?!? Exotic is a term used often by non Indians when we wear them.  

What does a saree consist of?  It is usually 5-8 metres of fabric with embroidery or not, that is wrapped and pleated around the waist.  To hold up the saree you wear a petty coat underneath (a long skirt with a draw string).  The saree blouse is there for coverage of your chest.  These blouses can be quite conservative or extremely sexy that can be tailored to your body.  The sarees beauty comes out in how you drape the saree against your body.  There are several different ways to drape your saree, each state in India has their own version of the draping.  My favorite is the classic look, just plain ol over the shoulder.  

Dresses are great and skirts are awesome but there is NOTHING like stepping out of the house in a beautiful, bright, exquisite saree.  Paired with the right jewelry and shoes you will feel like a million bucks!! 

Try a saree and let me know what you think?   Need help, let me know!

$_35.JPG  TZ_Beet_aayesha_small.jpg

Disclaimer***These pictures are not of me, just in case your wondering!!! I stole them off the internet. 🙂 But I will compliment the beautiful girls showcasing them perfectly.  Plus, how could I look like 4 different women????



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