Loves of my life⚘

Who is the love of my life? Where do I begin? My first love was given to me the moment I opened my eyes, my mom.  The next one was good old dad.  I guess a few years passed and my new love entered my life, my sister.  As I have grown into a young woman many loves in the form of cousins/uncles/aunties/friends/neighbors have come and gone.  

Somewhere along the way I had forgotten how to love myself.  There were many years from my early twenties to a few years ago where I forgotten how important it was to love myself.  I learned the hard way that if I didn’t love myself, I didn’t have the ability to love others or receive their love.  I guess when your not in the right space this is bound to happen.

Today I am surrounded by so many loves I feel blessed everyday and grateful to each and every single one of them.  

I have my loves which are my “go to” friends, you know who you are 😉 Not only are they my loves but their families have embraced me as well!  I feel like a million bucks when I think about how many “families ” I belong to.  My forte in life is stealing my friends parents with my charm and conversational skills!!!😇  These loves are amazing!  Hearts of gold and personalities that everyone admires from near and far.  They are there for me for whatever I may ask of them.  I love you all.

I have the loves that I share plenty of laughs and good times with no barriers but don’t see them as often.  They bring joy to my life and I am lead to believe I bring goodness to their lives.  They are my lasting loves. Loves that are meant to be loved not burdened. 

I also have my family, they are another one of my loves.  Family is vague, there are some family members that have had more of an impact on my life than others.  They have taken the time to know me and have decided that I’m lovable… so I close my eyes and love them back.

I have also had some seasonal loves.  These loves were in my life for a period of time and have physically left but embedded into my heart forever.   They came into my life for a specific reason, gave me love, support and nurturing leaving me in a better way than they found me.

My babies are the ultimate loves in my life.  They literally have given me a reason to live, do good in the world and make the best of the hand that I’ve been dealt.  They are my true loves and one day they will find other loves in their lives but until then I will be greedy and keep it all for myself.  My babies are precious gifts to me that I cherish and am grateful for everyday. 

This evening I am feeling very lucky and blessed that I have so much love in my life.  It may not be in the usual forms but I have gained the ability to recognize it.  There was a time when I thought I had no one or anything.  I thought that life was a waste for me and my circumstances would never change. 

Today my heart is ready to explode from gratitude and abundance of love and beautiful people in my life.   I would like to send a shout out to all my lovelies out there!!! I love you all💞💖

We all forget to tell our loved ones how we feel, we need to remember to do so or they may doubt us.  Lately I’ve been trying to tell my loves  how I feel about them just so there is never a doubt.

This is my quick I love you to you!

Send a quick email/text/call to all your loves just in case they need a reminder.



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