Good at Being Bad…

If there is one sentence that I’ve always felt that described me perfectly is,

I’m good at being bad!

I’m the person who can:

  1.  Who can turn anything clean, dirty.
  2.  Takes a perfectly good sentence and drags it through the gutter…TWICE!
  3. That can say spit out profanities while smiling.
  4. Who you know is thinking something perverted after you’ve said something non perverted just by looking into their eyes
  5. Put a sexual spin on ANYTHING
  6. During a perfectly normal conversation, bursts out laughing because my mind has made the topic dirty and I can’t contain myself.
  7. Crack a dirty joke with double meanings even in serious situations
  8. Will say something inappropriate at an inappropriate time and only realize it’s to late when it’s to late

Description of me:
Dirty mind. Caring friend. Potty mouth. Good heart. Smart ass. Kind soul. Sinner. Humble. There is nothing wrong with a classy girl who has a dirty mind but a pure heart. I never said I was perfect…



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