Well being a kid in my time was quite different than being a kid nowadays, in my time we were outside as much as we could rain or shine. Never were we couped up in doors hooked up to a computer or video games, if it was half decent outside we were playing sports riding our bikes hanging around the park or going hiking in the bushes.  Nowadays being a kid has to do with being on the computer who has the latest video games or just texting friends on their mobile phones! Maybe im dating myself but when i had to call my friends i had to actually get my butt up and walk or ride my bike over to their house and go get them or call on the house phone.  What im trying to express is that maybe thats why the kids of today are a little less active or even less motivated for extra curricular activities, well can’t say that for all kids but it seems to be my experiences.

On a side note kids of today i think do have a little more pressures on them with all the recent MTV show depicting teen moms and with everything sexualized, kids nowadays have a little to much access to information on the net. Also with all the untold bullying going on nowadays.

Venyas Keeper

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