Poetry by Venyas Rose ⚘

I think you are very careless!
U come & leave things behind!
See now what u have left?
U just came in my mind and
left a smile on my face. 😊

Lives are for living
I live for you,
Dreams are for dreaming
I dream for you
Hearts are for beating
mine beats for you,
Angels are for keeping.
Can I keep you?💖

A peach is a peach,
a plum is a plum,
a kiss isn’t a kiss without the tongue,
so open ur mouth &
close ur eyes &
give ur tongue some exercise.🍑

Butterflies don’t know the color of their wings,
but human eyes know how nice it is…
Like wise you don’t know ‘how good you are,
but I know ‘how special you are’ 🦋

Boy: Do U Wanna Go Out With Me?
Girl: Nahhhhhhhhhhhh
Boy: Did U Hear What I Just Said?
Girl: Yea
Boy: What Did I Say?
Girl: Do You Want To Go Out With Me?
Boy: Yes 😎

– Venyas Rose

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