Well I have just been thinking about how when I was growing up, how our parents taught us or expected us to go to school, get a job, find a partner get married have a home and have kids in relatively that order.  Well things dont always go according to plan whether it be lack of support, knowledge, or just not finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with.  Sometimes we just aren’t ready, just because society and parents pressure force us to follow the norm doesnt mean its the right thing for us to do.

Now I know there’s alot of people that do follow the program and are very happy, but that being said I do know alot of people who have and are miserable.  Maybe I’m just the exception, but maybe I have been turned off by some of the horror stories about how couples did the whole 1 2 3 steps but are not fulfilled with their lives or partners whatever the circumstances may be, even ending up divorcing or just living an unhappy existance for the remainder of ones marriage.   I myself for a fact was going through the motions with relationships just not quite fulfilled having a void in me.  Until I found the one my heart was craving for, my soul mate as one would put it.

For all the people who have found their one and only, they will get where im coming from.  That one person who u connect with on another level who beyond a shadow of a doubt will be it! That’s when whatever stage in your life your at, that’s when things come together, as one!  And for those who haven’t and so desperately are seeking it, good luck to all. Because when it comes to you, rather than forcing it upon others you’ll know it deep down inside of your soul. Regardless of how family, friends or society portrays you and your life choices.

Venyas Keeper

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