Poetry – Venyas Rose

I May Seldom Tell
U How Special U Are,
I May Not B Able To
Reach U Coz We’re Both Busy,
But In Spite Of All,
U Know U Are Someone
I Really Miss & Care About

143 Is Numerically Saying
“I Miss You”
What If I Ask U 23423
Same As
“Do You Miss Me Too?
Would U Answer Me
312 Same As
“Yes I Do”

Some Things Are Left Undone,
Some Words Are Left Unsaid,
Some Feelings Are Left Unexpressed,
But Someone As Sweet As You
Could Never Be Left Unmissed.

Venyas Rose⚘

20 thoughts on “Poetry – Venyas Rose

    1. Hi Srijan! Good to see that are reading my story. My heart and soul are going into my writing and it’s at times very difficult to relive while writing. Makes me happy at least someone is reading it. I would love to talk to you as well, what did you have in mind? Venya


      1. Too be quite honest, I’m hiding my identity for now, I could really get myself in trouble if anyone knew I was writing. I would love to talk but you have to tell me on which platform.


      2. At the moment, I’m in a much better state emotionally, I have 2 wonderful children from this awful man who make me smile daily. I am trying to get financially strong to get away from this man and his parents, it’s not easy. I want a full network of great people in my life, maybe you are one. How about you tell me about yourself? Where are you from, married, job, why you blog?

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      3. I am a mother of two who is struggling to get out from a very abusive husband and his family. I was married at 19, no longer 19, even though I wish I was, so I can fix my life.


      4. So I’m writing from the beginning of my arranged marriage to present day. I have only written up to my first year of marriage, there are many more years to write about! After almost 2 decades I’m finally coming alive again and trying to get my freedom. when you read, remember it’s all from the past.


      5. humbly, I say thank you. Please be happy for me, I’m finally strong enough to start writing, yes I’m hiding who I am, but with time you will see me one day. Thanks for reaching out to me


      6. Ahh, thank you! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Since I was married my husband and his parents have called me ugly and unbearable to look at. They have been very mean to me and I wonder sometimes, am I that ugly and revolting??? I’m sure one day, I’ll be with someone looks at me and smiles from the heart!


      7. True, I’m sad about my circumstances, but I’m so happy I have 2 wonderful kids who I pour my love into everyday. For the most part, I’m quite happy with everything but my marriage


  1. Hello! We meet again! It’s been a few months. I didn’t recognize you the first rime. It’s just been so long. How have you been? And Please give me your email! I think, I want to talk to you personally this time, which I didn’t the last time. And I’m hoping you’re okay and taking care of yourself!

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