Poetry – Venyas Rose

Wo Meri Soch Hai, Koi Aur
Usey Sochey To Q? Wo Mery
Labon Ka Naghma Hai Koi Aur
Usey Gungunaye To Q? Wo
Meri Chahat Hai, Koi Aur
Usey Chahey To Q? Wo Meri
Nazar Ka Aaina Hai, Koi Aur
Usey Dekhey To Q? Wo Sirf
Meri “Dua” Hai
Koi Ussay Mangay To Q..!!


Never Try To Examine
Your Love Relations
Because They Are Like Diamonds
When You Hit Them
They Don’t Break But May
Slip Away From Your Life..!!!


When A Boy Calls U Cute,
He Likes Ur Face..
When He Calls U Hot,
He Likes Ur Body..
When He Calls U Beautiful,
He Likes Ur Heart..!


Never Talk About Feelings,
If They Aren’t Really There
Never Hold My Hand,
If You Going To Break My Heart
Never Say You Are Going To,
If You Don’t Plan To Start
Never Look In My Eyes,
If All You Do Is Lie
Never Say Hello,
If You Really Mean Goodbye

Venyas Rose

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