Well there are many of lifes lessons we learn as we grow from children to adults, some of us learn from them and then there the ones who never grow up and keeping making the same mistakes.  In this day and age we seem to spew out more hatred then good intentions, why because it seems to be much more easier than to just be a good human being.  And just because your of a certain age or more mature than someone younger, means nothing when you actually haven’t really lived through some of life’s real struggles whatever that may be, so before anyone goes and judges anyone else maybe first find out what the circumstances are or who the person really is.

Many a time I have run into people or I myself have been caught up in the watercooler gossip, but in the end I realize who am I to judge I am not anybody to judge others. What really matters is to believe there are just geniune people out there who are actually considerate of others and their well being.  That being said, if people are to kind or nice they are considered weak or a flirt or fake and if they are not all smiles or don’t want you in their personal space they may be considered a bitch or a bastard not realizing to respect the others feelings.

I’ve lived a life where i’ve seen the good and bad from people and usually my gut instinct was right about who those people are, sometimes it gets fustrating to try and explain to the people in my life how certain people truly are and what kind of human beings they are and their good hearted intentions towards myself and to others.  Because nowadays its easier to believe the bad rather than the good.

Venyas Keeper

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