Our First New Years Eve

Who doesn’t love New Year’s Eve?!?!?! Me? I love any reason to party but this was a ‘must do’.  Excitement was running through my veins!  This was the first New Year’s Eve away from my parents  My parents had never allowed me to be on my own before on this world wide party night.  I started asking my reluctant husband to make concrete plans with me so I can experience a New Year’s Eve party.  Hesitantly he did make plans with me; it may have been because I was insistent that we would have to be together no matter what.  Like a stubborn child, I was making it very clear that whether he was out and about or in front of the TV at home, I was going to be by his side!

This was one of the few times since our wedding that he was actually happy to be with me. He made dinner plans at a fancy restaurant and bought tickets to a happening party.  All I had to think about was what to wear to impress him.  I was going to have my husband all to myself without his girlfriend!!!  I couldn’t believe I had won this battle against her; he actually picked me on New Year’s Eve 🙂

He had made plans with some of his other friends; we were going as a group of friends. I knew some of his friends but didn’t know them that well, but nonetheless I was excited to be with people in a party setting!


Dinner was fantastic, in a fancy hotel with people dressed to the nines. After dinner we went to another place for drinks with his friends.  Later in the evening we went to our party and it was awesome!  People dancing to music, laughing, in love and overall having a fantastic time.  This is what life was supposed to be like!  I started to day dream about how Raj and I would go to many more gatherings like this as a happy couple.  It was so beautiful to be around such positivity, it was infectious.

My life was not so bad right? So what if he abuses me mentally, emotionally and at times physically?  We still manage to find time to enjoy each other’s company, I know we can be that happily ever after couple if I just put more effort into us.  He was happy to be with me tonight I was going to maximize it as his wife!  I am the only one for him and him for me.

When  the clock struck 12, he grabbed me close and kissed me as everyone was doing with their partners.  I elated with happiness,  he was openly showing affection towards me in public.  I knew it!  He did love me, actually I had made him love me!

This year was going to be an amazing year with my husband, or was it?


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