Just in case people are wondering the same thing that I am, where has the #me too movement brought us to present day since its strong begining?  I am curiously wondering after all these high profile cases of women and children and even some men being abused raped and mistreated has gotten the ones who still remain voiceless.

I want to know who is speaking up for the countless women and children still suffering at the hands of their abusers, they may have gained some strength and a glimpse of hope for a minute from the outpouring of others coming out and talking about their own personal horrors.

I want to know where the real support and results of what are being done to the ordinary people and voiceless children who are still being victimized endlessly.  when the average woman after gaining some confidence to maybe speak up and about their abuser or getting enough support for them to leave their situation.

after reading many articles about children and woman being raped killed througout the world still makes me sick to my stomach everytime i read them,  whether it be in India where that culture is accepted or our so called first world country where i know of many woman who cannot ride the bus or even walk down the street without being harrassed endlessly.  And these are woman who i think are strong indivduals still biting their lip for the fear of their safety.  What are happening to the everyday woman who has to go back home to their abuser and dealing with the non stop abuse whether it be physical or mental because they have been conditioned to believe their at fault or that they deserve the abuse the receive?

Venyas Keeper


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