Dilemma, Read and leave your thoughts

Hi Everyone!  I’m at crossroads with myself on what to do next.  I need your help in what direction should I be headed in.  When I started this blog, I wanted to write about what had happened to me as therapy and maybe the ones who abused me would read it one day and understand what they did to me.  And for the ones going through it, provide a solace for them that it will be okay.  In my years I have been through WAAAAYY to many hurdles, hence I could literally write a book.  All those experiences have made me very wise, non judgemental and I can relate to almost all experiences and provide advice.

At the moment, I do hide behind a keyboard as I’m still stuck in my situation.  Having said that, there are just a handful of people who know what I’m doing and who I am.  Most are very encouraging and a couple are indifferent and one said why do you want to repeat the ugliness.  This got me thinking, why do I keep reliving it through writing?

A while ago I discovered Abraham Hicks, who repeatedly emphasises about only talking about good things and leaving the past behind if it wasn’t a good thing.   This is law of attraction.  What you feel and talk about is what you will attract – good and bad.  I do believe in the laws of attraction as I DO get what I ask for.   Things do work out for me.  I listen to her almost everyday to get my self in the right frame of mind to make sure I have a great day and it works most days!!!

Question is, do I tell my story that may help empower other women and/or provide them with comfort or as Abraham Hicks says, only talk about the positive things going on and the good things coming my way.  Your thoughts will be very much appreciated!  I will then decide what to write about, the past and all the truth with no filter or just the positive things in life.

Abraham (if your reading this by chance), is talking about your past in a positive way detrimental to my future, am I attracting more negativity?



8 thoughts on “Dilemma, Read and leave your thoughts

  1. Hi.
    From my experience I have learnt that when I talk or write about my past hurts it’s a way of letting go. If I choose to write about it , I do it with the intension of leaving it behind. I see your blog as a way of empowering others and more importantly yourself. Focus on healing yourself. You are a strong woman who has endured much. We both come from Indian backgrounds and put up with alot in order to keep the peace. I admire your strength and courage. Please don’t ever give up.

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    1. Thanks for that! Like i said I’m torn.. tell.the truth or pretend it never happened by only focusing on the good. Hopefully few more people will respond and I will then decide which turn to take. As a fellow Indian woman you will understand when i say my life has been exactly like the dramas on TV with no cuts, retakes or practice. I should be dead at this point but survived worst part is it all happened in Canada not India. Thanks for your words! Venya

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      1. Venya these shackles of such poor traditions follow us across the world. I am in South Africa. It is only through women like us that these shackles can and will be broken. We need to speak out against physical,sexual,verbal& emotional abuse. We will break these shackles from promising ourselves never to illtreat another’s daughter who enters our own home. We need to treat our sons and daughters equally. We will not live in the past and dwell on it but we will most certainly use the past to fuel our futures and to help build a better tomorrow for future generations to come. It’s when we forget our past that we lose focus on who we are. Be strong for you are the pillar for future generations to come. (Wish I could have shared a hug with you now to bolster your strength)

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      2. Whoever you are Awesums I would have loved a hug from you! Need more people like you around me. I know part of the problem is that I’m not telling people that I’ve started to write my story, which means no real feedback from my circle. I do appreciate your passion towards my request and will read and reread what you’ve written and think long and hard about it. Thank you for being a support friend! Venya

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  2. I love your intention of your blog….as I also have the same intention for my blog. Something similar…I would like to say..1)it is so good that you are writing/typing your feeling and story…2)yes many who have been through worse, in fact, will feel empowered to improve their unique situation knowing that in fact, they are not alone…3)your written expression is wonderful to read…I myself shed tears and heal…4)do you write out your feelings in a journal? and then rewrite your story from a place of the most ideal situation you wish to attract. type that…..perhaps even after typing what happened to you…..and then write your story from an empowered view instead of the victim… I mean to say all the hard things you have been through you are a survivor,now…no longer a victim… the survivor in you will find a way to improve the situation to freedom and the victim mindset will slowly be an old layer. I feel a person reading your story will also give you tips too…eventually please create a book! your written expression is wonderful to read.


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond to me!!! Also it’s nice to hear that you appreciate my writing. I’m also attracted to your blog as well, as I think we are talking about real life with almost no filters. I am going to with your suggestion of writing what happened and then write the empowered view! THANK YOU for that suggestion!!!! I am done with being the victim, writing made me sad and depressed all over again for the moment. Writing a bit from present day will empower me and others. Your brilliant! I do believe, my story is definitely one to be told for many reasons, but mostly if you ever met me you would never EVER believe that I went through any of that. When one sees me they judge me on my outside look, no one looks inside to see a broken girl who is hiding behind the beaming smile. In the present moment, other girls would meet me and be like yes I can get through this, she did and she is happy. Thanks for the response! Love you Tropical Lady

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