Interview for an Arranged Marriage

Do you smoke? – no

Do you do drugs? – no

Do you go out to party? – no

Are you a virgin? – yes

Do you wear sensible clothes?- yes

Are you a saver or spender? – saver

Do you know how to make roti? – yes

Can you care for the parents? – yes

Do you want children? – yes

Do you want to work outside the home? – yes

Do you know how to do all the house hold chores? – yes

Do you know how to make all Indian food as well as western? – yes

Sounds good, when can we get married???

Wait a minute!  What about all the questions I had for this arrangement?

Do you drink? – yes

Do you do drugs – yes

Are you a virgin? – no

Do you know how to cook?- no

What do you earn? – none of your business yet, you will be provided for

Are you good with money? Do you save money? – don’t worry about it.

Will you look after my parents and family? – not my job, that’s their son’s job

Do you know how to do any housework? – not my job, womens work

Will you take me out with you? – if I do then who spends time with my parents?

Will you help with the kids? – if I do so, what will you do?

No I don’t want this arranged marriage!  He isn’t what I’m looking for!

Beta, this is a marriage, full of compromises, happens to all of us.  You won’t find a better family than that, don’t be so picky!  He probably has so many rishtas come, consider yourself lucky!  Your not some maharani where he must be perfect!

Just like that my wedding date has been fixed 

The lies and deception begin


9 thoughts on “Interview for an Arranged Marriage

  1. Marrying such a man, will be your biggest mistake. Don’t do it. Just don’t. Don’t make your life miserable. Run away. Stop it. Grow as a person. Correct yourself, while you still can. And if this is fiction, just ignore this. Take care of yourself!

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    1. Hi Srijan! Your a little to late for such advice!! I made the mistake over a decade ago because I didn’t know any better. The marriage has been nightmare. Writing these days to take the burden of my secret life off my shoulders. Where were you when I needed those exact words??? By the way I am blogging about my hellish arranged marriage.. Venya

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  2. thank you for sharing this….I feel so many no’s from my emotions reading this…very similar to what I recently was experiencing during the recent arranged marriage proposal and several other past ex-boyfriends…Reading your blog is so healing to me and so encouraging for me to chose the path true to my heart..please keep writing…write your truth and write what you dream….sending you love as you continue to be courageous and speak your truth!


    1. Thank you! With this post I was confident that it would resonate with many indian women should they read this. Those who’ve been through the arranged marriage process knows this and its a sad reality. Our parents make us compromising ourselves for things we shouldn’t have to. We are judged differently than the guys. Instead of standing up for us they shame us for having a voice, hence the maharani reference. Thanks for writing to me! Love it and love you! The writing will continue!!! Venya

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  3. A marriage does not have to be an arranged one to be a bad match. I hope blogging brings you some comfort, and that your situation improves as you desire. ❤


    1. Hi! Your right any marriage can fail but with arranged marriages it worse because you are not given a chance to find someone on your own. One has to rely on honesty and when that doesn’t work out, its a life of misery. Blogging is helping, love it!

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