Until next year…

Hi everyone!  I am writing to say thank you for all the love and support that you send my way.  This has been a very progressive year for me in so many different ways.

I’m seeing things more clearly as Venya.  I have a focus and  a vision that the universe is going to hand deliver to me.  I have grown spiritually more than ever in 2017 and will grow even more in 2018.  At this time in my life I’m mature enough to let go of things/people that I can’t control/change and understanding their behaviour is not  a reflection of me as a person.  Their behaviour is non of my business, my happiness and self fulfillment is my business!  I always forgive and move on but never forget.

I’m appreciative of the love, abundance and clarity in my life after a long time.  Thank you universe for bringing me to this place and guiding me to inner peace.  Thank you for ultimately always giving me what I want.  Thank you for showing me contrast to what I do and do not want in this life.  So grateful for this life and all the experiences that make me who I am today.  Thanks to all the taught me great lessons and more thanks to those who love me unconditionally.  Feeling so grateful for this life and all that it has to offer.

I will not have time or the private area I need to write until after the holiday season is over so this is it!

This is my last post of 2017, see you all in 2018!!!

Love you all –  those who don’t love me,  too bad, I still love you! And those who love me, I will always love you no matter what and you know it!!!



1st Birthday as his wife

The once bubbly, outgoing girl who was going to conquer the world, was being silenced by the violent abuse behind closed doors. Not every day was horrible or bad, but it definitely wasn’t an ideal life!  There were some days when he wasn’t busy with his girlfriend that he made some time to take me out and about.  Most days I tried to keep myself entertained with music, sports, cooking and whatever came to me.  Mother’s Day had passed (absolute fail!) and not too long after would be my birthday!  Yay 🙂   Time to celebrate me, for once I’d be the center of attention!

After my failed attempt at suicide (he didn’t know about it) I had made a decision to try to live a happier life despite the circumstances. I needed to move on with my life with or without my husband while still living with him and his fucked up family.  I had expressed to Raj that I was a big birthday celebrator and I wanted to do something for my birthday.  I knew that he would do something even if it was just a dinner.  I must admit I had a hard time hiding my excitement for my birthday.

My birthday rolled around and I couldn’t contain my excitement just like a small child with their parents. I was in love with cakes and parties (still am!); nothing would have made me happier than just that.  Raj had understood that about me and didn’t really think that was all that wonderful, he accepted that I was young and childlike so would entertain the talks about it.

His mom gifted me this really ugly and cheap suit and acted like it was worth a million dollars! She apparently didn’t have time to get me a cake, I LOVE CAKE!  I must say I was disappointed even though I shouldn’t have expected anything different.  I really truly am an optimist, even to this day I am.   Being who I am, I appreciated whatever it was.

Side note: Later in the evening Raj did buy me a cake.


The evening consisted of a 5 star dinner with a luxurious gift topped off with some sex. Some would die for a night like this and be ever grateful for it, I wasn’t impressed.

My perspective was, the dinner was nice but not necessary especially when I ate without him so many nights. I would have rather had an average dinner and then also have many more dinners with love in the atmosphere.  Better yet, would be that he no longer have any other dinners with his girlfriend.



The gift was very beautiful but again I’d rather be loved and respected than bought materially. I wish he would stop spending money his girlfriend, I don’t even need anything if he would just stop spoiling her.  The gift becomes meaningless when you know it’s most likely a pity gift, she probably got the exact same thing.

The sex was just a human need there was no love in it, just a quick fix for the release of endorphins. Sex is just sex, at that time I would have preferred to make love to the man who loved me.

All in all it was a good birthday if you look at it logically, but it was just meaningless that’s all.

What I’m most thankful for is he didn’t hit me, didn’t verbally abuse me or make me feel like shit on my first birthday as his wife. Maybe he wasn’t that bad???


I almost died, but didn’t

That was my first attempt at suicide and obviously, I was unsuccessful. The feelings of hopelessness, unworthiness and drowning were just too intense for me to cope with.  It felt like there was no other choice but to give up and make a clean break from this once beautiful world which had turned ugly on me literally overnight.

I was 20, in an abusive arranged marriage, and constantly told by my parents “it was going to be alright”.

When I looked at the my broken face, the dark bruises fading and my heart feeling weak, I couldn’t comprehend what I had done so terribly wrong in this lifetime that I had ended up like this.  I was a mess most days and couldn’t stop crying myself to sleep most nights.


I lay in bed nauseous and unwell in particular thinking, Simran (my sister) why didn’t you just let me die??? Why did you have to find me?  I genuinely don’t want to be here, living this way.  My body was trying to get rid of the toxins that the prescription and non-prescription pills had left behind.   I felt like a truck had hit me.  Everything and nothing was right, I felt almost paralyzed.  The paralysis may be from the pills or from my emotional pain, never did figure it out.  My body was not happy with me, nor was my head or my heart.  Is there anything I could right in this world???  Even my body was mad at me!


All the bad times that had led me to this very moment were on repeat in my head like a bad movie. It hadn’t even been a year of this awful marriage and I wasn’t sure how much more I could take before I knew I would try again.  Why didn’t they just treat me somewhat decently?  My situation would have been more tolerable if either him or his family treated me somewhat okay.  Problem was I got it from all ways, and that is why they say you marry the whole family not just the guy.

I didn’t want to get slapped, punched, belittled, spit on or humiliated anymore! I didn’t want to get blamed for everything that went wrong in that house.  Why was I blamed for my husband’s bad behaviour towards not only me but towards his own family?  Thinking about the tortures to come made me physically ill.  I just wanted to die in bed and never have to face anyone again.  This house was toxic, no one was kind to one another.  They were rude mean and talked about one another behind each other’s backs.  I didn’t want to be a part of this anymore, I was not cut out for this type of cruelty L

I was so ashamed to be who I had morphed into in less than a year of my marriage. For someone who was supposed to be the successful one out of the family was now the most pathetic one, me. I was supposed to go to school and become something!  Not trying to kill myself because I couldn’t handle it anymore!

What the fuck was I going to do? I was stuck and could not see a way out.  Why me universe?  Why me????  How was I going to survive?

In the middle of my thoughts and self-pity, I hear the door knob turning. I gather myself as quickly as I can and barely respond to Raj who is asking if I need anything.  I mumble out a “I’m fine, I don’t need anything”.  Why is he even asking, he doesn’t even care!  He should go ask how is mom or girlfriend are doing!

What I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs was, “I want you to let me go, I want you to stop hitting me and making me feel like I have done something wrong. You and your family have to stop tormenting me with your words and hands!  Set me free, and go be with your girlfriend.  Tell your mom that I’m not her punching bag!  Cut me loose dammit, and never look back! 

I never said anything and crawled back under the covers.


I almost died…

I went to bed to go to sleep forever peacefully; that was my genuine intent. It didn’t go as smoothly as I wished it had.  My stomach was reacting to the overload of prescription and over the counter pills.  My body was over heating at a very fast pace, I felt like I was going to explode I became so hot internally.  My body wanted to throw up all the pills that I had ingested, but I was fighting it, I was going to win this battle.  I wanted to let the pills do the job of ending my life as soon as possible.

20 years old and I didn’t want to live anymore. I had an arranged marriage to a man at the tender age of 19 who was in love with someone else.  I was constantly told I wasn’t good enough by him AND his family.  My parents never really wanted to hear about any bad times I had gone through, they would change the subject if I ever brought anything up.  I guess they felt if they ignored my problems they would go away?

My mother in law advertised to the world how I was not a good match for Raj or the family. She was thoroughly disappointed with me as a human being and wasn’t shy about telling anyone.  Raj continually cheated on me with his girlfriend (although he never admitted it).  His girlfriend was sure to let me know how their evening or the last 2 days were.  She “kept me in the loop” about her love with my husband.  I was tormented by her all the time!

I felt like I had no one and nowhere to go. Now 20, I didn’t have a job, so no money that I had access to.  I didn’t really have any friends of my own, they were hand me downs from Raj’s circle of people.  I was belittled and picked apart by him and his family almost daily.  I couldn’t tell anyone or I would be the laughing stock, even if I did tell what could anyone do for me anyway? Pity me and then I would be on my own anyway???

My parents basically gave me away because they didn’t want the burden of daughter anymore. My dad didn’t want to waste time, money or energy on educating a girl who would only serve her husband’s family.  I was awarded almost 5K in scholarship monies which my dad didn’t let me use, because “I could go to school when I got married.”  From the age of 18 until marriage, I must have received hundreds of marriage proposals.  Although my parents were proud that I was sought after, it also made them nervous that I would be “ruined” if left single for too long.  So I was paraded around like a show pony from house to house trying to find a suitable match for me. I had declined 7 men and broke off one engagement only to fall in the hands of Raj, #8.

I had everything going for me! I was a very well rounded young women: smart, intelligent, honest, pretty, organized, good morals and values, never smoked, drank or meddled with drugs, loved her parents and extremely sociable.  All these attributes of mine told my parents I would become too independent and strong fast, before that happened she needed to be tied up to another man.  Being strong willed, compassionate, smart and charming had turned into a curse for me.  My parents arranged my marriage because they couldn’t handle my strength, ambitions and independence.

Since I was married, I had become weak, vulnerable, pitiful, and felt sorry for myself all the time. This is not the way I wanted to live my life!  I was meant to be a strong, independent woman who was supposed to contribute a household and society as a positive person not a crybaby!  I had planned on being a successful woman, not hiding and crying all the time while I was black and blue!

I didn’t want to stay up any more nights wondering where Raj was and if he was coming home.

I couldn’t hear how awful I was in every way from my in laws anymore. They picked my body apart; they told people of ill-mannered I was, I was told how stupid I was, thoughtless and no good for nothing.  I didn’t want to do this anymore.  It was hard to smile through a session of aunties talking about me as if I wasn’t there about I was not a good daughter in law.

I didn’t want to go to sleep crying anymore, or asking God, why me?

All I wanted was a family, a place to belong, someone/somewhere to call home. I never signed up to be beaten by a man or have his family treat me like shit.  I didn’t want this life anymore.  As a little girl, I had imagined I would have a successful life, I had dreamed of attending university and meeting the man of my dreams who would create a family/life with me.  I was supposed to be the Indian Oprah, making positive changes and touching peoples lives for the better.  I was going to create a beautiful life for me and those around me.

This ugly marriage was never what I wanted or expected. I wanted out and I wanted it now!

The amount of pills in my body was overwhelming for it to handle. Without warning my body got up and ran to the bathroom and just in time, threw up in the toilet bowl.   I was so dizzy and weak, my mind was falling asleep but my body was still moving.  I made my way out of the bathroom and then I fainted in the hallway, I don’t remember all of it but I do remember being brought back to bed by Raj.  I remember him asking  what was wrong, I was fine an hour ago and what was going on.  I said I didn’t feel well and too leave me alone.

At some point my sister came into my room, very concerned about me. She said I was foaming at the mouth and investigated in what was wrong.  I told her what I had done, I wanted to die and let me just die.  There was no value in my life, I couldn’t do anything right and no one needed or loved me.  I felt like a complete waste of human flesh, just useless.  Mom and Dad wouldn’t let me come back home, this home wasn’t home, I had no choice.  She made me drink water; I was throwing up and foaming at the mouth.  Raj and his family were very confused as to what was happening.  I don’t remember much of that experience except I was ready to give up on life.  If it wasn’t for my sister, making me throw up and taking me the doctor, I think I may have died.   There was no part of me that wanted to live this ugly life, why hadn’t she just let me die?

That was my first attempt at suicide.






The first time I tried…

After the New Year’s Eve party I felt alive and positive!  The feeling of being loved and satisfied with life’s surprises was absolute bliss.  This lasted for as long as it possibly could have and then the fighting and tears started again.  I hated being there, I hated his girlfriend, I hated his family and most of all I hated my family for giving me up to this family of assholes.  According to Raj I still wasn’t allowed to work outside the home as I was to get to know his family, so I was stuck with them 24/7.

It was nice that his brother and I had bonded and we were buddies living under the roof. Our relationship was kept a secret from the parents for the most part.  They knew we talked and exchanged secrets but they could have never the guessed of the depth of our conversations.  He would continually report back to me how his mom hated me, wished for a better daughter in law, her friends even disliked me.  He was my source of the ‘what’s going on in the house’.   I liked to get the scoop but really it was destroying me with every word I heard against me.

Things were up and down daily. Some days I felt like I was okay mentally and other days I didn’t.  At times he would attack me physically and his family would pretend they couldn’t hear my cries, other times he would take me for dinner or shopping.    I didn’t know how I was going to make it as his wife or if I was going to make it at all!!!

Before I knew it, Mother’s Day was around the corner. It would be my first Mother’s Day as a daughter in law!  I knew I had to do something pretty spectacular to impress his mom.  I started, like usual, making plans about how I was going to impress them.  I really wanted both of the moms to be there so I could have an evening with my own mother.  So I asked Raj if I could arrange a dinner at our house with both families.  He had no problem with it!  I was so excited!! Both moms together, this was going to be fantastic!

I invited my parents over and let them know this would be a dinner.  My parents being so traditional tried to decline but I emotionally blackmailed them into agreeing to come for the dinner.  Yay!  They had said yes, time to shop.  Raj, like usual, put no limit on me buying for the moms, so I went all out.  I bought both of them a 24k gold ring each, an Indian suit and flowers.  (Everything was identical)  That evening some other people showed up unexpectedly and I ran out and got her a suit and some flowers as well, after all she is someone’s mother!  We had decided to order in pizza, as that was a favourite amongst the parents.

The evening was going as planned. My siblings had both come, his brother was in attendance and I had made lots of appetizers and chai.  Things were going rather smoothly.

We decided that we would let the moms open their presents together, so we handed them their packages.  My mom was so happy and insisting for us to take back the rings.  According to her we had spent too much money.  Then there was the reaction of my mother in law who did NOT seem pleased at all.  I asked her if she was happy and her response blew me away.

“As the mother of Raj, how come I don’t have more than your mother got? Why is everything exactly the same, I’m the son’s mom!  This is nothing, other girls do much more for their in laws!  You shouldn’t have even done this, unless you were going to give me something of value.”  She turns to my mom, “ Bhenji (sister) don’t you agree, I should get more than you do because I bore a son and you had a daughter?”  My mom of course agreed with her stupidity.

What a greedy fucking bitch! Once again, I Venya, was completely crushed.  I defended myself saying I wanted to keep the moms equal so no one feels inferior to the other.  She fought me on this.  “Stupid girl, you have to live in this house, not with your mom.  You should be giving us more than you give them.” 

My whole world was spinning, could I do ANYTHING right? I didn’t know what to do except cry, how had I fucked up Mother’s day???  After everyone left I started thinking about things and how ungrateful they were or was there something really wrong with me??  What was I doing that was so horrible that they couldn’t see anything positive in me?  20 years old, arranged marriage and trying harder than I had ever had to to impress people and I was failing miserably.

I sucked as wife, as a daughter in law and as a daughter. Who wanted or needed me anyway?  No one!  This mayhem had to end one way or another.  I needed to leave this marriage but my parents wouldn’t allow me back because of society pressures.  I had nowhere to go, I had no money and zero support emotionally.  To top things off, I had told no one the truth about my messed up life, what the fuck was I to do?!!?!?

There was only one way out that made sense to me. DEATH!!!  I went to the medicine cabinet with a glass of water in my head.  Grabbed every single bottle that I could find of whatever, and emptied it out into my mouth forcing all the pills down my throat while crying.  There, that should do it, game over.  Happy Mother’s day to you all! My gift to you, my disappearance.  My parents could be proud that I died and didn’t shame with a failed marriage,  my in laws could remarry Raj to a more suitable match and Raj could have a second chance at a marriage with a person of his choice.

With a stomach full of pills, I went to my bed to go to sleep forever, peacefully…


Our First New Years Eve

Who doesn’t love New Year’s Eve?!?!?! Me? I love any reason to party but this was a ‘must do’.  Excitement was running through my veins!  This was the first New Year’s Eve away from my parents  My parents had never allowed me to be on my own before on this world wide party night.  I started asking my reluctant husband to make concrete plans with me so I can experience a New Year’s Eve party.  Hesitantly he did make plans with me; it may have been because I was insistent that we would have to be together no matter what.  Like a stubborn child, I was making it very clear that whether he was out and about or in front of the TV at home, I was going to be by his side!

This was one of the few times since our wedding that he was actually happy to be with me. He made dinner plans at a fancy restaurant and bought tickets to a happening party.  All I had to think about was what to wear to impress him.  I was going to have my husband all to myself without his girlfriend!!!  I couldn’t believe I had won this battle against her; he actually picked me on New Year’s Eve 🙂

He had made plans with some of his other friends; we were going as a group of friends. I knew some of his friends but didn’t know them that well, but nonetheless I was excited to be with people in a party setting!


Dinner was fantastic, in a fancy hotel with people dressed to the nines. After dinner we went to another place for drinks with his friends.  Later in the evening we went to our party and it was awesome!  People dancing to music, laughing, in love and overall having a fantastic time.  This is what life was supposed to be like!  I started to day dream about how Raj and I would go to many more gatherings like this as a happy couple.  It was so beautiful to be around such positivity, it was infectious.

My life was not so bad right? So what if he abuses me mentally, emotionally and at times physically?  We still manage to find time to enjoy each other’s company, I know we can be that happily ever after couple if I just put more effort into us.  He was happy to be with me tonight I was going to maximize it as his wife!  I am the only one for him and him for me.

When  the clock struck 12, he grabbed me close and kissed me as everyone was doing with their partners.  I elated with happiness,  he was openly showing affection towards me in public.  I knew it!  He did love me, actually I had made him love me!

This year was going to be an amazing year with my husband, or was it?


First Christmas with the in laws…

Ahh, I lay in bed smiling, thinking Christmas is right around the corner. I’ve started all sorts of lists of what to buy my new family, what they needs, how impressive my 1st Christmas will be with them!!!  To the credit of Raj, money has NEVER been an issue in my marriage and actually it’s just never been an issue for me EVER!  Thank you universe 🙂  I make my list and show Raj to get his approval and off we go and start collecting all sorts of presents.  In my mind this was going to make them love me.  I was going to buy them whatever it was needed, craved or ever wanted in the name of Christmas and they will hug me and say, “Venya we were so wrong about you.  We are so happy that you have married our son on blind faith, from this day forward you are a treasure to us.”

After weeks of shopping and wrapping up beautiful presents, judgement day has come. Everything looked perfect, the tree, decorations, presents but most of all I’m giving credit to my own excitement.  At the very moment an outsider could never have guessed that I was a girl who had been beaten, belittle and abused by this family.  Forgiveness and getting over things has been a strong suit of mine.

All I wanted for Christmas was a family who would give me a chance to be a part of them, to be happy and most of all to grow with them as a young woman.

Christmas morning arrives; I’m running around with so much excitement like a 10 year old child, I was 20 at the time. As quickly as possible, waking up Raj and Sunny, putting tea on for mom and dad and starting breakfast so we could go straight to opening the presents.  I was so excited!!! My first Christmas with my husband of 6 months and my new family!  Nothing can go wrong, right?  I have my camera on the table for all the cheesy pictures and chocolates to go as we would laze around talking opening presents.  We would have a great day, talking and being grateful for each other and all that we have.

Raj and Sunny were easy to get into the mood, slowly but surely they both make their way to the living room.

My father in law was muttering that in their house this is the first Christmas and it is a waste of money, not necessary, for white people, no meaning to us etc. In all fairness to him, he thinks ALL holidays are a waste of money.  He would rather just a have a meal, some drinks, and some laughs.  But he was being a good sport and coming out of his room and doing what I asked of him, sit on the couch and just smile, your surrounded by your growing family.

Dearest mother in law has to make the grand entrance as usual and sits herself on the couch next to dad. I like an excited puppy, start handing out presents to all of them hoping to see happy reactions from them.  They slowly start opening presents and I intently watch them.

As I watch them, in my head I’m saying a prayer, please let them like their presents, they hate me enough, don’t give them more of a reason too do so…

One buy one everyone opens their presents, no one is as happy as I thought they would be. I’m thoroughly disappointed by their reactions.  In fact my mother in law was very rude about the lack of value of her presents.  That didn’t even make sense because for each person we had a huge limit!!!  My heart of course breaks.  I had put so much thought and time into their presents and they were being very mean to me.  Is there nothing that mom and dad actually liked???  How could I be so off?  What was it going to take to make them happy?  According to them my personality sucked, my physical self was awful and I wasn’t a great homemaker.  Now I didn’t know how to buy worthy presents for them?  Why did I suck so much????

Later in the afternoon I approached Raj about my disappointment about Christmas morning. I let him know how crushed I was with their reactions, especially since I had put so much time and effort into my endless lists.  In my mind I had a home run with his family.  They were supposed to love the thought I had put into them.  I continued to ask him, “Why don’t they like any of the presents?”  In turn, he got mad at me.  His reason was that I didn’t try hard enough, I could have picked more thoughtful gifts, why I didn’t spend more on them?  I of course, fought back and let him know that I really really tried to make them happy and make Christmas special.  He was very unsupportive of my complaining basically undermining my thoughts and feelings.  His solution was, you could have tried harder and given it more heart to each person.   He goes on to let me know, there was no cap on the spending so why was I being so cheap?   I could have given them more but I’ve made my bed and I have to lay in it.

Being 20, naïve, young and optimistic I thought this was going to be the best Christmas ever and I wanted answers to why it didn’t turn out how I had anticipated it. He knew his family were being difficult, he also acknowledged we did spend a lot of money unnecessarily.  He also said his mom can be greedy most times and continually unhappy with people.

He was frustrated with me for asking him why and with them for being assholes to me. He did what he knew best, he became abusive.  His Christmas gift to me was unwrapped and unravelled.

He started yelling at me and then he slapped me across the face.  He was in a rage as to why I was so difficult and why can’t I fit in with his family.  Being abused was not on my Christmas wish list!!! 

This was not the Merry Christmas I thought it would be. 20 and newly married to this man and his family, I didn’t want another Christmas in this family.  I didn’t want Christmas in general ever again where presents are going to determine if I’m worthy or not.


Everyday life

I started to morph myself into the perfect wife I thought he wanted me to be. The whole time I did this, I was, of course stacking myself up against his girlfriend.  When he would come home, I had mouth-watering meals prepared for him.   I would try to look half decent and be (or at least act) happy when he would come home from work.  When he would go out I would ask if I could come along and at times he said yes and other times he would say no.  Since he didn’t want me to work, I had a lot of free time to think of ways to keep him connected to me.  During the day I would cook and clean for his mom and brother. At times, I would take his mom out and about trying to get her to like me.

Many weekends his relatives would come over and I would cook and clean up after ALL of them. In truth, I really enjoyed his extended family.  They were very kind to me and praised me often.  When they would praise my demeanor or cooking my mother in law would always step in with her infamous like, “it all looks perfect until you have to live with her.”   When she would say this, people did not know how to respond, I could see it in their eyes.  I think they were shocked that she would be so rude to a girl barely 20 who was waiting on the family hand and foot!  She made such comments about me a few times and I would go to Raj and say why does mummyji continually speak like that of me to others?  What am I doing that is so awful?  Why is she being so rude to me in front of the family?  His response, “I don’t know why, she’s crazy.  She doesn’t know how to have a relationship with you, she’s been queen bee for her entire life and now you’re outshining her.  Maybe moms threatened by you?”

I would tend to his family while he would make a small appearance, tell me it’s not really a lot of work, freshen up and leave the house. It’s safe to assume he was going to be with her or maybe his friends?

His dad was for the most part in love with me. He didn’t stand up for me to anyone but he didn’t really treat me badly either.  He and I would share food, conversations; he would give me spending money etc.   He was treating me like the daughter he never had.  My dad had said that he was a decent man and would be fair.  Decent? Yes. Fair?  Not so sure.  He didn’t want to engage in any sort of arguments or negativity.  He would just go to work, eat, and sit around for some time and then sleep.   Overall he was a good man at the time with no backbone but, there was love in his eyes for me.  I didn’t see that love from anyone else in that house, he was mine!

The one thing that was really nice to have was his brother, Sunny. He became my best friend.  We would share secrets; he would be an emotional support.  I would spot him money to go out with his girlfriend and he would give me the inside scoop of what was going on.  He often told me that his mom really hated me.  He would tell me how her and her friends would gather and let loose about how awful I am and how this marriage was a terrible mistake.  He would also give me all the secrets of his brother.  Sunny would tell me his version of Raj, his girlfriend and the parent’s relationship.  Sunny gave me all the information I needed to know I wasn’t wanted and was the root of most of the problems in that house.  He also confirmed many of my “do you think” questions.  Sunny was my best friend living in the same house as me!

Day to day, I started to live my life in a submissive way as if was normal to be abused, mentally, emotionally and physically.   I was losing the sense of what was the right way or “normal” way to live was.  I was officially being brainwashed by his family and coerced by family to go along with this craziness.  All I wanted was them to like me and have that perfect marriage where the couple loved one another.

This is how I began to lose myself….


His wife should be #1, right?

I was now determined to become “the one” in his life. I had to prove to myself, to him and to her that I was woman enough to be his wife.  I also wanted to force his parents to believe that I was a good addition to the family.  I had left my everything to be part of this family only to be rejected? No way! They were going to love me and accept me.

I began shifting my focus on myself rather than her, I started out by mentally preparing myself that I was going to be fighting fire with fire. I also knew that I had the fight of my life coming up as I was competing with my husband’s love.  This was the start of me killing myself to be attractive to him and his family.

I called my sister and told her what I was going to do and she didn’t agree, nor did she disagree. I think she was too young to make a decision with me.  I wish we both had been older so I wouldn’t have destroyed myself trying to make myself attractive to him.

Hmm, but first I had to figure out was wrong with me. I start analyzing myself.   I remember looking in the mirror and thinking there are some adjustments to be made but for the most part I was easy on the eyes.  Yes I have a flirty personality and I’m outgoing, but that’s fixable.  I will start to tone it down with my personality, easy fix!  My smarts, I did maintain good greats throughout my life and I was pretty good at figuring things out, I will become even brighter!  I knew how to cook and clean but there was always room for improvement!  I knew from the praises that my parents sang that I was a pretty good daughter, what possibly could be difficult in being a good daughter in law?  In fact my entire life, at that point, I was the example kid that all the parents used to their own kids, “Why can’ you be like her?”  After a quick self analysis I concluded that I was okay wife material.

In my heart of all hearts I really wanted to be his wife, his #1, his only priority. I had heard being married required work; well I was prepared to put in the work!  My parents were not going to be shamed by me and a marriage that would possibly not work out!

What was the recipe for winning a man’s love? Dress attractively, cook awesome food, be a hooker in the bedroom, have intelligent conversation, and love his family like your own?  Check, check, and check!

good_wife_guide1a.jpgBy nature I was quite adjustable, I had the ability to make everyone my friend, I was smart and actually liked domestic work. What more did a husband want?  I was going to fight for what was rightfully and legally mine


I got this I thought, I’m going to kill ‘em with kindness 🙂 Boy was I wrong!