A chance encounter

Why was my temperature rising?  I knew exactly why but didn’t want anyone to see what was happening.  To gather myself I walked around the room coyly, smiling at all the guests while making small talk.  As I turned round the corner, he was there again!  Was he following me or was I subconsciously following him or were we both looking for each other amongst this well dressed crowd? 

Instinctively I ran my hands over my hips and thighs feeling the black sateen and thinking of sateen bed sheets, why was I so flustered at the sight of him, this stranger?  The long slit up to my thighs was enough to get my own curiosity going, was it having an effect on the handsome stranger as well???  Having made eye contact with him, although brief, I smiled to myself and kept walking.   I stopped at a table to make conversation with an acquaintance to distract myself from him.  I was having trouble concentrating on what we were talking about and then I saw him walk directly behind me, just enough distance for me feel his presence and smell him.  Oh fuck!  He smelled amazing; I didn’t want to make it obvious that I was interested so I laughed and touched the other man’s arm.  After a few minutes of boring talk my eyes started looking for him.  Again walking the crowd trying to maintain my classy and sophisticated way while trying to tame the animal inside me trying to come out. 


I made my way to the washroom.  Looking in the mirror I saw my Audrey Hepburn hairstyle making my neck intensely inviting, paired perfectly with the diamond earrings.  My caramel skin looking dewy and luscious in the light.  I touched up my red lipstick although it clearly didn’t need any touching up and added another spritz of my perfume.  Standing back I look at myself in the mirror.  The black sateen dress fitting me perfectly in all the right spots.   Red high heels with lips and underwear to match, white gloves to my elbows just to finish off the look.  I felt liberated.  I felt sexy, I felt like a million bucks!  Standing there I thought about the man outside who I was playing hide and seek with using only our eyes, not a single word had been spoken but his intensity was making me hot and bothered.  My whole body was lighting up at the thought of him.  My panties were getting wet and my nipples were hard, this was all without a touch!  I knew I wanted him, but did he want me too?

Soon as I cooled myself off I made my way to the bathroom exit, swinging the door open I inhaled that smell.  It was him, he was close by.  Or was someone else wearing the same scent, my question was answered when I felt someone strong grab my arm.  Good thing I knew how to run in heels!  I was able to keep my balance!  It was him; he grabbed me and led me into an empty room.  Where was I?  Didn’t matter.  What mattered was that I was pushed up against a wall by this man who I had never seen before today but was lusting for.  Without saying a word his hands starting moving all over my body.  Like a hungry animal he attacked my naked neck and my shoulders, I inhaled his smell.  His scent was making me wetter, as if he could sense this; he pulled my dress up to my waist and without hesitation plunged in my hotspot.  His fingers felt like heaven inside me I found myself rocking against his hand.  My hands trying to feel his naked skin, failing to unbutton his white shirt.  Frustration was at its highest peak. Using all the concentration I had, I unbuttoned his shirt and took a look at him.  Holy fuck he was beautiful!  He was golden; just enough hair to show he was man, enough definition to show he wasn’t laying around on a couch all day and the taste of his body left me speechless and horny as fuck.  As he was fingering me to my delight he stopped mid-way.    He dropped to his knees, without saying a word; he slid down my red lace panties leaving it around one of my ankle.  All the while his mouth was already exploring my cave and tasting my juices.  This beautiful man was insanely pleasing!  As he took my leg and put it over his shoulder I dropped back into the wall and let him please me using his mouth.  I touched my breasts, rolled my nipples in my sweaty hands and wanted to kiss him but didn’t want to stop him from kissing my pussy.  Oh the pleasure I felt was leaving me breathless!   I could feel myself coming, I had forgotten to be shy about being in his mouth and let myself go.  The intense ripples that left my body were equalivant to a volcano erupting.  

Still not a word had been spoken, was this for real?  Was I actually being pleased by this man whose name I didn’t even know???  He began kissing the inside of my thighs and slowly made his way up to my breasts.  He looked straight into my eyes and began to lick and suck both of my breasts, one in each hand.  I grabbed his face and brought it up to mine and kissed him as deeply as I could tasting me on him.  The perfect mix of our bodies intensified my lust.  I felt his hard throbbing dick with my hands.  HOLY SHIT he had so much to offer!  I continued to play with him and stroking him with enthusiasm.  Wrapping my leg around him, I hugged him closely while kissing him madly.   I’ve always come across classy and sophisticated in public but in the inside, only I knew I was this ravenous lover.  A secret that he now had discovered by accident.

He broke from my kiss and attacked my breasts again with his mouth and moaned as it was the best meal he had ever had.  I enjoyed listening to him, so much so I was dripping wet again.  I naturally started rocking my body against his.  Without notice he grabbed both my legs and hoisted me on top of him with such grace and power.  I let out a little sigh when he thrust into me with so much intensity, I was breathless.  I was having the ride of my life, he fucked me up against the wall and all I could do was enjoy what he was doing to me.  I held on tight to his shoulders and neck quietly moaning while he heaved me up and down on his dick.  He too was quietly moaning and groaning quietly, after all anyone could walk in to see what was going on if they heard noise.  He kept fucking me until his breathing changed, I knew from experience, he was about to come.  I too was about to come again.  He thrust hard and deep and then released himself inside me.

I released my grip on his neck completely exhausted from the pleasure.  The wall caught me again, while I enjoyed the aftermath from sexual pleasure.  He kissed me again deep and sensual. 

He finally spoke!  His voice, so sensual and manly.  He told me how beautiful and enticing I was.  If he hadn’t had me he would have looked for me wherever he went.  Women like me don’t come around often, all the class, sophistication, beauty with the mystery he said.  Hope we meet again and that was it.

I felt amazing.  The way this man had devoured me in any way he could in a very short time.  I was on cloud nine.  My love hole throbbed with happiness as I watched him dress himself again.  I fixed myself as best I could.  Was my hair still intact? Lipstick gone for sure but that’s okay.  Would anyone in that packed room of people notice?  Before I made my way to the ladies room, now dressed, simultaneously we both went in for one last kiss.  It was amazing!  I tried to take in as much of him as I possibly could before releasing him.  I thanked him and walked out with a sway in my hips, with my head held high and a smirk on my face.

I got into the bathroom and started to make myself presentable again.  Applying my lipstick, I smiled at myself, so this is what it feels like to have mad crazy sex with and incredible strange man.  I was flushed from the sex that I had just had, I loved the glow.  That was an experience I will think about for a very long time.  I fixed my dress, readjusted my underwear, pulled my gloves up to my elbows and smoothed out my hair.  Looking 100% I made my way out the door and stopped.  What was his name?



The Wedding Night

It’s THE night that a couple looks forward to as a Mr. & Mrs.  My new Mr. is very much drunk.  We are both alone in the beautiful hotel room.  What is expected of me?  Am I to consummate our marriage because of a piece of paper or do I say no because he is in love with someone else???  I slowly make my way around the room touching this and that, unsure of how I should behave around this man in regards to my body.

I’m in the bathroom and taking off my jewellery. One by one the pieces come off with my mehndi hands.  As I’m taking off my last earring, I see him in the mirror coming up behind me. I’m so nervous and unsure of what to do!  So I look down at the counter fumbling with my earring longer than necessary and wait for whatever comes next.  I can feel him behind me, now he’s come closer.  His hot breath is on the nape of my neck and before I know it his hands are around my waist.  He pulls me so tightly against him that I let out a gasp.  With one hand he starts to caress my arms and shoulders moving my hair to make way for him, while the other hand is holding me tightly against his body.  I can feel his manhood swelling and throbbing against my backside.  His experienced hands are all over my body and I’m losing control of myself, he has taken over me!  My body goes limp against his, my head is thrown backwards by default, resting on his shoulder while his hands are feeling his new territory, my breasts.  His strong hands excite me and my nipples harden in arousal all while I’m trying maintain my breathing.  Before I could protest he spins me around and kisses me deeply while holding my head so gently.  So naturally I press my entire body against his without speaking asking for more pleasure.  Like a good lover he reads my body language and starts to take off my clothes slowly.  The first to go is my top, while he skillfully removes it from my body insecurities rush over me.  The insecurities are gone as quickly as my bottoms are removed.  I’m trying to seamlessly equally remove his clothing one piece at a time.  I run my hands all over his strong shoulders and chest.  His body is hot under my hands.  We are now attacking each other with our mouths and hands like wild animals.  He unsnaps my bra and takes my breast in his mouth while I moan with my head thrown back and my arms hanging around his neck.   Such pleasure and excitement, every woman should feel like this!  He is hungrily going between both breasts with his mouth all the while his hand has travelled down my stomach and onto my thighs.  I can feel the heat escaping between my legs knowing what’s coming next.  I am wet and excited enjoying every second of this moment.  He slips his hand expertly between my thighs; my legs start to welcome his entrance by slowly opening.  His fingers dancing around my most pleasurable area and all I can do is moan and groan with anticipation.  I wait for his fingers to enter me, it’s driving me wild, but he doesn’t enter me.  He comes back up to my mouth and kisses me passionately while grabbing my waist and pulling at my hair gently.  In that moment he props me up on the bathroom counter and while standing between my legs he begins to make his descend between my thighs.


Oh the anticipation of his tongue and mouth exploring my body! I can hardly hide the eagerness in my body for him. I grab a hold of his head while arching my back towards him and guide it further down my body, opening up for him.  He takes my nonverbal directions and diligently kisses my lips below with his lips, oh the feelings!!!  I’m swelling with more excitement than anticipated.  His tongue tastes me while his mouth is exploring me inside out.  All I can do on the counter is squirm with delight, moan and crash against the mirror in mercy. Fuck this is what they call ultimate pleasures!  I let his mouth have his way until he brings me to a complete body shuddering orgasm.  I relish in the aftermath of the earthquake that has just occurred within my body because of this powerful sexy man.  I didn’t want it to end just there and they look in his eyes told me, neither did he.  He continues to kiss me, I can taste and smell me on his lips and it excites me even more this time.  Carefully taking me off the counter, with locked lips we make our way to the bed.  I fall onto the bed and he climbs on top of me, I can feel his hardness hovering above my thighs.  Carefully I take him in my hands and gently feel what I know is all mine.  Now he’s the one letting out the moans as he falls on his back.  I take him in my mouth gently but with ambition and greed until he stops me and says he needs to be inside me.  I obediently get on my back as he is worshipping my breasts and neck.  With his legs he opens my legs and enters me with strong hard strokes using his senses to guide him.  At first it was slow but firm but slowly he picked up the pace and before I knew it, he was thrusting inside me as I clenched onto his shoulders biting and kissing his neck, shoulders, ears and anything that I can feel in my mouth.  Tasting his sweat, I play with his nipples with my tongue and he is playing with mine using his hands.  Through the moans, groans, thrusting and hurried love we both climax together.  I’m throbbing with pleasure and still want more of him.  I’m immediately aroused again and so is he, I reach for his face and start kissing him passionately all over again.  This time he flips me over and while standing beside the bed enters me trying to put out my fire with his manhood.  Again his hands all over my body from behind and before it’s too late he stops and sits down on the chair and pulls me on top of him.  I’m deliciously wet as I let him enter me this way, my arms are wrapped out his head while he has his way with my breasts again.  The euphoria I feel!  It all comes to an end again with us intertwined on the chair naked and exhausted yet completely in heaven.  We slowly make our way back to the bed.  Sweaty and naked we lie in the fresh smell of sex in crisp newly laundered sheets.  This is what sex is all about, unfiltered, animalistic and raw with unspoken emotions.

That is what I would have liked to happen, my wedding night DID NOT end this way! He was way too drunk to even think about me or sex in general.  I use the washroom, undress, remove my makeup and crawl into the same bed as him.  He managed to take off his jacket.  His shoes are still on so I remove them for him.  I make myself comfortable under the sheets and fall asleep beside the enemy.  That was my wedding night!