Dilemma, Read and leave your thoughts

Hi Everyone!  I’m at crossroads with myself on what to do next.  I need your help in what direction should I be headed in.  When I started this blog, I wanted to write about what had happened to me as therapy and maybe the ones who abused me would read it one day and understand what they did to me.  And for the ones going through it, provide a solace for them that it will be okay.  In my years I have been through WAAAAYY to many hurdles, hence I could literally write a book.  All those experiences have made me very wise, non judgemental and I can relate to almost all experiences and provide advice.

At the moment, I do hide behind a keyboard as I’m still stuck in my situation.  Having said that, there are just a handful of people who know what I’m doing and who I am.  Most are very encouraging and a couple are indifferent and one said why do you want to repeat the ugliness.  This got me thinking, why do I keep reliving it through writing?

A while ago I discovered Abraham Hicks, who repeatedly emphasises about only talking about good things and leaving the past behind if it wasn’t a good thing.   This is law of attraction.  What you feel and talk about is what you will attract – good and bad.  I do believe in the laws of attraction as I DO get what I ask for.   Things do work out for me.  I listen to her almost everyday to get my self in the right frame of mind to make sure I have a great day and it works most days!!!

Question is, do I tell my story that may help empower other women and/or provide them with comfort or as Abraham Hicks says, only talk about the positive things going on and the good things coming my way.  Your thoughts will be very much appreciated!  I will then decide what to write about, the past and all the truth with no filter or just the positive things in life.

Abraham (if your reading this by chance), is talking about your past in a positive way detrimental to my future, am I attracting more negativity?